"Mackenzie Chambers Pilates changed my life. At age 28, I pulled out my back which resulted in chronic back problems that impeded my doing various sports. I saw a variety of therapists, chiropractors, yoga and pilates instructors. None resulted in long term improvements.

My life changed after working with Mackenzie Chambers Pilates. After six months, my back was significantly better. Within a year, I could water ski, play tennis, snow ski, lift heavy luggage, etc. without any negative repercussions.

I cannot recommend MCP enough. It changed both how I look and how I feel."

Katie Ford
Former CEO, Ford Models, Inc.
Anti-Human-Trafficking Activist

"When I first started in Mac's studio I was recovering from the third of four surgeries for complicated hip fractures. I'd been through prescribed physical therapy but had seen no real progress, and had come to accept pain as part of everyday movement. Working with Mac changed that. She found a wider range of physical potential, and was able to help me strengthen my entire body without putting my injury at risk. I've known her for five years now, and she's seen me through another surgery and the birth of my son. I feel I can trust her because she¹s had so many years of experience, and she brings her whole history to the table along with a warm and open enthusiasm, and the best intuition for how the body works. My doctors told me I'd probably be on bed rest if I ever got pregnant, but thanks to my work with Mac I carried Linus to term (we were on the reformer up until 2 days before he was born!), delivered naturally, and was back on my feet right away. I consider my time in the studio to be a great gift."

Cornelia Calder
Documentary Filmmaker

"Mackenzie Chambers understands relationships between muscle, bone, nerves, and organs with the acutely informed, yet empathetic, insight of a healer and the kinesthetic and forceful intelligence of a professional dancer. You may arrive with crippling shoulder pain. You will leave with a shoulder that can shoulder its burdens with ease. You may arrive with a wayward knee. You will leave with a knee that has rejoined its leg. You may arrive with a headache or a backache, stiffness, a pulled muscle, an inflamed nerve, or any of a multitude of other occupational life hazards, and you will leave, after one session, feeling as if you are literally levitating off the ground with lightness and flexibility. These are not extravagant claims--they are, in fact, a mild description of what happens in Pilates work with "Mac," as we call her. What really happens is that your body gradually recovers a profound balance—as a dynamical and tectonic syst em and as an interrelated network of finely meshed systems. This is a life-changing experience."

Catherine Ingraham
Author and Theorist
Former Chair of Graduate Architecture, Pratt Institute